Well hello there, I’m Dries Vriesacker,  Belgian-based fashion blogger and founder of this site. I study Cross Media Management in Antwerp – the fashion capital of Belgium, as they say. is a personal blog with the main focus on fashion and a splash of travel and lifestyle. I like to write about menswear, high fashion, trends and basically everything I like and inspires me.

Honesty is one of my key-words. I’ll never write something good about things ‘just to make the PR-agencies happy’, but because I honestly like the product and want to tell you guys all about it.


“His primary style is casual but he definitely loves the rich creative streetstyle look. A daydreamer, with an eye for details and a pinch of natural and trendy that show his personality! That’s my boy  😉 ”
– Lima Ché, lima’s wardrobe


“Passionate and adorable young man, who’s aim is to inspire others and share his story.”
– Joya Kenens, Seenbyjoya


“Pushy, always wakes me up when I go to sleep, poses great and he makes me shit my pants by forcing me to make pictures of him on rooftops.”
Bruce Vansteenwinkel, graphic designer