Inspiration | Levi’s Tailor Shop at CLITCLAP

13559102_637837903033912_739537508779298566_oOne of my favorite trends for coming seasons is without a doubt the customized denim you see everywhere. Streetstyle stars like Asap Rocky, 2 Chainz and more are doing it. And you should do it, too!

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Outfit | The Burberry Trench Coat


Last week I had exams, for which I obviously had to study a lot for. But I don’t want to be the one whining about my exams when something as terrible as the tragedy in Paris happened, so I won’t. Instead of that, I’d like to say something about what happened last Friday in Paris.  Read more



There’s a new HOTSPOT in A-town! It keeps raining hotspots in Antwerp, but this one is really a must-visit. 10 young entrepreneurs, 10 fabulous ideas and 1 pop-up shop at an awesome location. Check, check, double check! The BAAS WINKEL is all of the above and more. Read more

Fuck those mainstream shoes | Muro.exe FTW


The last couple of days, I’ve gotten the same question over and over again. I LOVE YOUR SHOES, WHERE ARE THEY FROM? I don’t even remember how much I’ve heard that already.  Read more

Outfit | #Lifeisaparty by Dimitri Wouters


Exams are fucking me atm. I’m so sick of all this learning, I literally can’t wait ’till I’m free and I already know exactly what I’m going to do when I get out of this hell called ‘exams’. PARTY HARD! I even know where and what I’m going to wear. I’m going to party at Carré on Dimitri Wouters’ crazy tunes and I’m going to wear his very own pop-up brand!

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