Throwback | Diesel BAD Party during PFW


I know, throwbacks are kind of an instagram-thing. But if instagram can get away with shamelessly copying Snapchat, I can get away with this, too. 
I was recently thinking about my trip to Paris during Men’s Fashion Week and how it has impacted my life ever since. Then I realised something weird, I didn’t write about this yet on here. You might remember that time I went to Paris during Paris fashion week. If you don’t, here’s a recap.

I was invited by Diesel to celebrate their new perfume ‘Diesel BAD’ in Paris. Which was super cool as it was during the men’s fashion week for the Spring Summer 2017 collections. It had always been a dream of mine to attend fashion week and the fashion shows, so this was the perfect opportunity to do that. I went to see the Issey Miyake show, as well as the Ann Demeulemeester show. They both had such a big impact on me, but more about that on the bottom of this post!


Diesel’s launch party itself was the coolest thing ever. It was everything you’d expect from a fashion week party and more. We’re talking red carpet crazyness, poppin’ bottles, fashion’s coolest it-boys and girls, A-list models, celebs, goodie bags with little bottles of the Diesel BAD perfume (which smells really good btw) and not to forget a private performance by the one and only Tinashe.
Fiona Zanetti was one of the people who attended the Diesel BAD party. I had been following her for ages, so I couldn’t let this pass by without asking a photo with her [totally fangirling]. You can see the infamous photo HERE. Others who I recognized were Winnie Harlow, Soo Joo Park and Neels Vissers – who my sister has the biggest crush on, she basically killed me for not taking a photo with the guy.


For me, personally, this trip in general was so much more than a simple getaway. It was during these 2 days that I really realized what I want to do in life. I know. This sounds corny, right?! In all seriousness though, seeing all this fashion, meeting cool people and doing things I love in Paris has set a goal for myself. I came back from that trip to Paris with loads of inspiration and motivation to make something of my life. So I could, one day, do this for a living and do in life what I love the most.

Here’s another corny thing. I couldn’t do this without you guys and that’s a huge motivation, too. You guys are so kind and supporting! I sometimes just have to smile from reading your messages on Instagram Direct and Snapchat. I feel like I partly owe it to you guys to do my absolute best to grow and get better at what I do. And I’m doing it!
I’m currently making really big decisions regarding my future, which I will tell you guys all about whenever I’m ready. Apart from that, I’ve been working on something HUGE for months now. I can’t tell you anything about that yet either, but just stay tuned! I can warn you though, this thing is going to be so big, you’re not ready for it.

In the meantime, you can just have a look at the images from the party venue and some party shots. Keep an eye on my social media such as my Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter [all @driesvriesacker] to stay updated.  Thanks for reading, I love you guys!

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